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Unique concept: Testing suit for free





A free testing suit is a "verification tool":

that we send to you, for your to try, to find any "not good measurements", before we start making your real tailored suit (that we call "final suit").


It is NOT a semi-finished product:

It will have fabric, lining, collar, buttonholes, everything that you can find in a regular suit.


It is NOT a ready-to-wear:

It will be manufactured based on the measurements that you give us ( in your profile, in your personal account), totally made to measures.


It is NOT a low-quality garment:

Besides the fabric, the lining, or a few details might be different from your final suit. This testing one is also made by our tailor from scratch; the fabrication quality will the same on both of them.




Nowadays, we can buy almost anything online and make it delivered to your doorstep, so convenient! But something can become less perfect when we stop visiting the real local stores, like a tailor's shop.


Selling custom made clothing online, it has its birth defects:


- Taking the measurements by a client himself, Who is very probably not a professional tailor, no one can guarantee a perfect fit (although some of the online sellers might tell you otherwise)! The initial data might be already wrong, how can we still talk about a perfect tailoring result?

- Can not touch and feel the quality (of fabrics, of linings, of details) before placing an order.

- Difficult to make alterations. If you buy a custom suit from a local tailor, he will ask you to try it, even several times until it's perfect, The trying-modifying process is included in the total price. While ordering online a so-called "made to measures" suit could not have such services. Sometimes you need to pay yourself the alterations; sometimes you need to exchange a lot of emails to explain to your seller (not to mention some will be perfunctory with you, or even totally ignore you).

- In the worst-case scenario: the garment is so poorly made that it will cost you a fortune to alter it, or even not possible to adjust at all! THIS IS NOT A JOKE! If you are considering putting some money in such online custom made garment, think about the risk, again!


With us, with the concept of "test suit", this kind of risk is minimized. Because:


- First of all, we will do a complete check of all your measurements before the making process starts. Most of the obvious mistakes, strange measures can be detected.

- And then, If some errors are not so obvious and we could not identify them during the making process, that's fine too because these hidden errors will emerge when you try your test suit.


We strongly suggest that you take a look at this Schema:

How do we manage your measurements?




- A test suit is only available for your first time of suit purchase from us, if you are already clients, please don't buy it again.

- While you are designing your custom suit, in step 21, choose a piece of fabric for your testing suit. Besides the fabric, other details will be almost the same on the test one and the final one (Exception: lining on the test suit, always tone on tone).

- We will pay all the fabric and manufacturing cost, you only need to pay its shipping fee (because we will send you this testing one in advance).


Hoping that you will like this concept! Please remember, its purpose is NOT to give you a free garment, but a verification tool to make your final product perfect! 


For more information, you can check out here: Everything about our "free testing suit" concept.

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