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Unique concept: Testing suit for free


Why a free test suit?

When you want to order a custom-made suit from a local tailor, you can see and touch the fabric, and appreciate different patterns. The tailor takes your measurements himself and several fittings take place before the final delivery of your suit, giving you the opportunity to request any changes at any time.

The purchase of tailored clothing via an e-commerce shop obviously does not offer all these conveniences; and it is therefore possible that the suit, the shirt, or the coat that you receive will not fit well.

That is why in order to provide you with the best quality products; we offer to send you a free test suit. For your first purchase of suit from us, we will send you a first suit called "test" corresponding to the measurements you have provided. After trying the test suit, you can then notify us of all changes that you would like made. This will allow us to validate your measurements definitively and start making the final suit. This process allows us to offer you a well-fitting suit.

Why we offer a free test suit instead of "free alteration"?

Some websites offer you "Free alterations." That means, when you receive a suit that fits badly, they advise you to get the necessary alterations done by a local tailor and they will reimburse the costs. However, we do not like this principle. "Free alteration" is a trap. The reason is simple; some measurements are not at all rectifiable. For example, if the jacket is a little long, you may be able to have it shortened, but if it is too short? Who will be able to extend it? Nobody!

How is the quality of this test suit? Is this a normal suit and can I wear it? Can I keep it?

Although for us a test suit is nothing but a verification tool; in reality this is a suit that is perfectly normal so you can wear it without any problems. It is up to you to choose a fabric for your test suit. A free test suit does not mean at all that it is a product of low quality.

You don't need to return this test suit to us (it's yours!).

What exactly does the word "free" mean?

1. Fabric cost for you: USD$0.
2. Manufacturing cost for you: USD$0.
3. Shipping cost for you: USD$38. Shipping costs are your responsibility since the test suit will be sent to you in advance. However, the USD$38 may vary according to the exchange rate USD/RMB (Chinese currency), from USD$36to USD$46.

What are the differences between a test suit and a final suit?

We use the same method of manufacture for both, so it will be the same in style and quality. The differences are the following:

1. The fabric. For your final suit, you will choose the desired fabric in “Step 1 - fabric"; for the test suit, you choose the fabric in step "21 - Test suit."

2. The lining. You will choose the lining of the final suit in “Step 2 - lining." For the test suit, we will choose for you.

3. The bottom of the pants: Without your specific request by email; the pants' bottoms of your test suit will always be "unfinished.” However, we will leave a sufficient length so that you can make the hem thereafter. If you are really sure about your measurements and you want us to do the hem, you must inform us by email at However, we always reserve the right not to finish this in case of doubt even with your demands by email.

4. Some options: These include such things as buttonhole color, stitching, et cetera. We do not guarantee that they will be exactly the same on both. In most cases, these colors will be chosen by us for the test suit.

How do you get this test suit?

In “Step 21 - Test suit": You can choose the desired fabric.
This free test suit is only available for your first suit purchase. It is not possible to get this suit for free without the intention of acquiring the real one; that is, the final suit. It is a service that allows us to offer a final suit that will fit you perfectly and at a much lower price than a local tailor.

A test suit should not be considered as a final product because it is simply a verification tool for your measurements after any necessary adjustments!


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