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Step 1: Fabrics

As most of our clients will only buy a tailored waistcoat to make a 3-pieces suit, we will not explain here how to choose its fabric because it will probably the same as the jacket and the pants ordered.

We always hear about "waistcoat" and "vest", strictly speaking, they are not the same type of garment, even though they cover both the upper body and they are both without sleeves. But in American English, people consider them almost the same thing. So you can also say, you are designing your tailored vest in this step.

A waistcoat is a type of clothing that is less worn and less seen now, comparing to the old times, but still. In most cases, we recommend that you use the same fabric of your custom suit to combine a classic 3-pieces, but sometimes, it is not obligatory. For example, in men's wedding dress, we can often see a black tuxedo combined with a light gray vest, and they look great too!
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