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Step 1: Fabrics

Here is the first and the most important step for men's custom made suits: Choose the fabric.

1. For new customers: your choice of fabric for your testing suit, it is in step 21, not here.

2. First, ask yourself this question: Why do I want to buy this? For work? For wedding? For other occasions? Then, according to your needs, choose carefully the fabric color, pattern, and so on. For example, for day-to-day work: not something too colorful, too complicated, always select something classic, respectful to others. If it is for a job interview: you can, and you should pick a piece of fabric that will not make you seem too ordinary, but still, not too much.

3. People might think that the fabric choice has nothing to do with their body figures, well that's not true. The fabrics with big checks, wild stripes, will not look good on someone skeleton and short; Fabrics with tight stripes, mini checks, will look strange for big and tall guys.

4. Consider the overall elegance instead of picking randomly. For example, once you decide on a light gray fabric, you need to think also about the styles, the buttonhole colors, the stitching colors, even the color of you buttons, and so on.

5. We offer you, in this step, cheap but high-quality fabrics. Use the fabrics' filter to select according to their prices, colors, patterns, and so on.
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