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Step 1: Fabrics

A custom tailored shirt costs much less than a tailored suit, but it could be as complicated as the latter when it comes to the choice of its fabric.

First of all: We only offer the most popular choices: Cotton and linen, especially the cotton, which has been the number 1 choice for men's decent shirts for centuries.

1. Think about occasions: Why do you buy it? Office? Dinner? Bar? Business trips and meetings?

2. Think about your tie and maybe suit or coat: Will this fabric match my favorite tie? Does it look good with my black or blue suit? If I decide to put my maroon coat on, will this shirt look good?

3. Think about the season: For winter? Maybe an Oxford because it is relatively heavier; For summer, you have to choose some lighter weight ones.

Not all cotton are of the same quality. We offer a good deal of cheap, yet high-quality cotton fabrics with various colors and patterns, to make you a smooth, of quality and solid dress shirt.
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