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Step 1: Fabrics

Rule number one: Think about the jacket or the shirt that you want to match. A good pair of custom made pants should never steal the jacket's or shirt's thunder, its purpose is to be as smooth as possible to match the upper-body clothing. Therefore, for classic colors, like black, dark blue, or gray, they will always be fine. For red, light blue, or any other kind of "shinning" color, you need to be careful.

For a pair of formal style trousers, it should always be made with a solid color or low-key stripes. The squares, the Prince of Wales, they are always casual.

We ONLY tailor and sell online relatively formal trousers (we don't do jeans, nor very casual style pants). Thus, what we propose as fabrics in this step, are mostly wool, or wool blended with cheap prices. The wool fabric can make a pair of solid, smooth, well-shaped suit pants.
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