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Step 1: Fabrics

By choosing a piece of fabric, we mean to select a wool, cashmere, or wool-cashmere blended fabric for your custom coats here. We do not sell other types of fabrics like cotton, linen, and so on.

1. The cashmere is lighter, softer than regular sheep wool and more rare, thus more expensive. If you are looking for a tailored coat online, please pay attention to some cashmere products with very low prices, because it could be very probably not real cashmere. But, however, once you find a real one, no matter how expensive it is, that's just worth it!

2. We don't sell women's coat; that's a different field, requires different skills and equipment.

3. Colors: Black will always be a classic choice, no mistakes with that. But according to our experiences, a dark blue or a navy blue can give away a splendid impression of both classic and young (odd enough, one can be both traditional and shining). Beige, or maroon or another kind of colors are less chosen, but they can still be very elegant if you match them with the right style.
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