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365 days unconditional return for any reason of dissatisfaction



For no matter what reason, you can return us the product purchased within a whole year and ask for a refund.


- How to ask?

Just send us an email and we will help you with the return and refund process.



- Can I ask for a refund after one year?

Sorry, one year is the maximum.



- Can I cancel an order during the manufacturing process?

Sorry, you can return us the product if not satisfied (after having tried), but you can not just cancel the order, out of blue, while our tailors are still working on them.



- Can I return the package to you using a transport service without tracking code?

Yes, you can, but we don't recommend that. If you use this kind of carriage method and the package is lost, we can not proceed to a refund.



- When will I get my money back?

We will proceed to refund in less than three working days after receiving your package returned. The products returned should not be damaged. Otherwise, we can not proceed to refund.



- Should I pay the shipping cost for return?

Yes, it is buyer's responsibility.



Finally one last and important detail: If, after several unsuccessful delivery attempts and several telephone calls from the shipping company, the package is still not delivered, it could be returned to us or be destroyed. In that case, no refund will be processed.


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