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1 - What is a free testing suit?
2 - How do we manage your measurements?
3 - Delivery times (fabrication+transport)
4 - What is a profile and how to use it?
5 - Why we are your second best suit tailor?
Free testing suit
If you are a new customer, our testing suit is the best tool to ensure the perfect fit of your custom made suit.
365 days unconditional return
If not satisfied, you can return the package and ask for a refund within one year.
Serious company + 6 years
For over 6 years, we offer good quality tailored suits, shirts and other men's personalised clothing with a very affordable price.
Looking sharp in a suit made precisely to fit your body is no longer something that requires lengthy, tiring trips to a tailor (often several times until the right measurements are reached); thanks to the Internet, Tailored Suit can now offer you this service remotely, from ordering the suit, to returning it for any modifications that you may require until you're happy.
We offer a complete range of services for all parts of your tailored suit, including the shirt and pants. We're also following a simple process which minimizes the risk for both you and us - by first providing you with a testing suit tailored to your initial measurements, we can easily determine whether or not there's a need for any adjustments to the final design before proceeding with the actual suit itself. You won't even need to leave your home in order to finalize those measurements either; we will conduct the whole process remotely via delivery services and online communication, until we've reached a point where we're both happy with the result.
That way, we can minimize the waste of materials and labor, and focus on crafting the finest, most recognizable tailored suits you can find on the market today. And thanks to our long-running experience in the craft itself, we can guarantee you the finest quality materials and a precise touch at every seam we lay down. We don't treat our production as a conveyor belt, and realize the importance of focusing on quality over quantity.
Because in the end, looking sharp takes a bit of effort - but if you're smart, you can minimize that effort on your part, and let us handle the complicated aspects of the job for you. It doesn't matter what the occasion is, we know how to deliver suits that will make heads turn as soon as you walk into the room.